Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mushroom Gal

This is an old illustration but I think it fits this week’s word pretty well. =)
Illustration Friday: Fragile

Friday, May 16, 2014

How We Spent Mother's Day

Here are some photos from Mother's Day. My Mom curled her hair and I thought she looked 10 times younger! I didn't even know she had that much hair.

This is how she normally does her hair...


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Random Boo Trip to Visalia

May 1st, Andrew and I got off work early and decided to take a small random trip to the wonderful city of Visalia. I've only been to Visalia at night so I was blown away by their downtown. I love all the old buildings and all the cute little restaurants and cafes. The record store we went to was called Valario and it was a tiny one that had pretty cool modern paint-by-number art pieces up (by the owner) and they also sold vintage clothes. We got lucky and happen to come on the day they have their farmers market. I like that they have their farmers market downtown and that it starts 4pm! I wish that were the case in Bakersfield.

I loved these art pieces they had up in the record store!

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Way They Were - Family Pictures: Living in the Philippines

When my Mom showed me her Facebook the other day, I just could not stop going through this album my Aunt Qlynne created on her account. She went through all the old pictures she had before everyone immigrated over to the States and she's been scanning them in little by little. I am so happy that she shared these with everyone and I now have pictures of my family (my Mom's side) when they were young in the Philippines.

My Tatang is on the bottom row, 3rd from the left.


My Mom carrying the neighbor's baby.

 My Mom is right smack dab in the middle in both of these pix.

 My Aunty Loly on the right.

 My Nanang on the far right of the group and my Mom is in the checkered shirt.

 My Nanang's Sister, Grandma Mary, and my Aunt Qlynne.

 My Nanang's Brother-in-Law, Grandpa Mateo

My Mom is in the row 2nd from the bottom, 5th from the right.

 My Mom is in the 2nd row from the bottom, 3rd from the left.

My Mom's on the top left.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Had Another Crazy Dream

March 20, 2014

Yes, I had another one of those unforgettable weird ass dreams...and here goes....

I had a dream that we built a mini farm in the backyard because we owned a goat and a rabbit who were both pregnant and were ready to pop. I remember being really busy bringing golden hay to the barn to make the goat and rabbit as comfortable as possible. When the red barn was complete, the goat and the rabbit gave birth to two babies each.

Then my relatives showed up all of a sudden. We lived walking distance from the Las Vegas Strip so my family and the girls (Divas) wanted to try this ride at one of the hotels where you get shot into outer space via shuttle and you fall back to Earth. (So weird because I've had this dream before that I tried riding this with the girls and I wasn't able to ride it because I was late. I also couldn't find the place where they could validate my ticket).

This time Girl Alex said she wanted to take the option of parachuting down. I told her she was buck wild. We get into a line where we have to sit in a capsule, which looks all spacey and what not, decorated with comfy, soft, blue cushions. They make you sit down and we get interrogated before they distribute tickets. After the capsule, we were escorted into another line which was the entrance to the shuttle.

I was so nervous I had to pee. So I left the line and found myself in a mall type setting. I kept asking people where the bathroom was because I was just so scared the ride was going to come and I wasn't going to be able to ride with my family. I hurriedly tried to navigate myself through a maze of corridors then finally I gave up and went into a salon.

I asked the lady if there was a bathroom I could use and she said they weren't for customers but she'd make an exception for me. She pointed to the back where there were two men standing and laughing, staring at me. The bathroom inside was like a stockroom. There were boxes and chef equipment blocking my way to the toilet. I couldn't even shut the door and I was scared those two dudes were peeping toms. Then I realized all three of them came to the door and were just standing there pointing and laughing at me. Mortified, I stormed out of the bathroom/stockroom still with a bladder full of piss, ready to explode so when they weren't looking I peed in one of their buckets by one of the washing stations. I hid there behind a curtain for a while because I heard them coming to greet a customer. When the girl (who showed me the bathroom) began to wash the customer's hair, she screamed because she was washing the lady's hair with my piss (I just remember shocked, for like, a moment).

I eventually sprinted all the way back to the entrance of the ride, hoping my family and friends waited for me. And to my dismay, they did not. They were exiting the ride when I was about to get on. Girl Alex and Monique told me they parachuted down and they were wearing some pretty crazy looking astronaut outfits. Ash told me..."You don't really get shot into space. It's just crazy."

So I got strapped in. The cart looked like an inflatable blue tentacle and I was at the end of it. Then they started countdown and we launched all the way up and then back down into an awesome roller coaster ride. Everything looked like a huge blur but during some of the slow parts, I noticed that we were in the capital of the Hunger Games. Towards the end of the roller coaster, as the tentacle was wildly whipping back and forth, we were catapulted and I just watched the sky getting bigger and bigger. We were suspended in the air for about 3 seconds and as I exhaled loudly, we started to fall, face down back to the Earth...

The ground was getting closer and closer and I seriously thought we were gonna get our faces (then bodies) smashed into the ground. When I braced myself for impact, I squeezed my eyes tight and the ride stopped. I opened my eyes and realized I was hanging upside down. The top of my head was barely touching the ground and I FREAKED because that was such a close call.

Then I heard we were going to have a crazy earthquake and when I was walking down the street to find my family and friends, I all of a sudden heard rumbling and then there was this huge tsunami of technology. Like Apple laptops and cell phones just raining on everything demolishing everything in sight. I thought I was going to get hit by an iMac computer so I covered myself as best as I could and took cover behind this huge ancient statue of an Asian man's face (Wha?) When the tech-rain ceased, military personnel escorted us to this camp where we had to wear olive green prisoner PJs. The camp was surrounded by a security fence. No one was allowed to leave until the tsunami stopped. There was a huge crack in the earth too.

When everyone was asleep in the camp, Andrew and I searched and found a small opening in the fence and we escaped...

And that was my weird ass dream. Whew!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Diva Brunch 3-8-14

Since Andrew's omelet making spree, he had a brilliant idea to throw a Diva brunch for the ladies,serving his special omelets and mimosas. Dang, it was a hit! I kinda forgot to take photographs throughout the whole day because I was kinda all over the place and was trying to make sure everyone was good. Girl Alex was sweet enough to bring yummy potatoes she made to eat along side our omelets! Anyway, it was such an awesome get together. I know we are all busy and can't hang out everyday but I was so glad that everyone came over (missing Momo and Arturo!) We had good food, drink and company! So, here are some pictures I managed to take from that day, except the first one...haha I stole that one from Kandi.